Handpainted Shopper bag with zip

34 x 40 cm

Acrylic on cotton



Every piece is unique.

It is made in my very special own painting technique.


"I take water and let the colors run into each other.

The color flows meet, communicate, dance with each other.

Forming new color flows. Water and paint dissolve.

They merge and make their way on the pile.

Everything flows."


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  • Waschbar im Schonwaschgang (nur separat).
    Die Farben können danach heller erscheinen, was den gewollten Used look verstärken kann. Um ein Einlaufen zu verhinden und den Reißverschluss zu schonen, bitte nur kalt und im Schonwaschgang waschen.

    Washable on the gentle cycle (only separately).
    The colors can appear lighter, but this can reinforce the intended used look. To prevent shrinkage and to protect the zipper, please only wash cold and on a gentle cycle.